forecasting &predictive analysis

big data, scraping, data enrichment, cognitive search, machine learning,

deep learning, analytics engine for all types of data.

what is salesspeed

salesspeed is a distributed predictive analytics engine for all types of data, including textual, numerical, geospatial, structured and unstructured data. Built on the understanding that data is the source of any analysis, it is developed on proprietary Machine and Deep Learning algorithms that analyze heterogeneous data sources such as internal company web scraped data


the data is enriched with external sources or vertical databases for data formatting, data pre-processing and thus improve predictive analysis or for visual navigation and research through a search engine with advanced filters.
Sales Speed is a set of tools for data ingestion, enrichment, storage, analysis, visualization, forecasting and prediction


first released in 2020 Sales Speed now works across 3 vertical markets, with over 30 million sku’s on a single database and enables real-time predictive analytics in less than 30 milliseconds.
Sales Speed due to its distributed nature, simple REST APIs, speed and scalability is the central prediction component of ERP, CRM, Ecommerce, etc. and can be used to create ad-hoc vertical solutions like Street Price (online car price prediction system for manufacturers and dealers)

the solutions we offer

price prediction

advanced mathematics and statistics along with the power of machine learning for unique accuracy, without being constrained by external circumstances. We enrich data with external sources to make it even more “talking”.

supply chain

intelligent algorithms for the entire value chain: planning, purchasing, production, raw material acquisition, etc. We help our customers in making decisions and facing the daily challenges of their business.

market analysis

we analyze time series and real market data to give insights and patterns not visible to the human eye. Millions of data, from different sources, with the same attributes and enriched by other external data sets.

anomaly detection

prevention is better than cure. Through deep learning algorithms and through a deep study of the domain of interest, we create solutions that allow you to identify possible anomalies in a data set, whether it’s healthcare refrigerators, industrial machines or financial data.

logistic planning

intelligent management of logistics, transport and warehousing are the new frontier for companies that want to be competitive. Knowing to understand what to do and what solutions to adopt when the need arises and how to anticipate demand. Before it happens.

Iot – OT

industry 4.0, smart cities, self-driving cars, millions of pieces of data often unrelated to each other or to external sources that would give a more accurate and precise reading. We integrate the data, analyze it and do predictive and insights analysis to provide value.

case study


the first price prediction solution, competition and market analysis based on over 10 million real ads, enriched by Eurotax data and with the possibility to search by equipment (and not by model) with a view of the options for each car.

– real market data

– over 12 million ads

– search by equipment and not by model

– view of options, used guaranteed and price linked to financing

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